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The Power of Nature helps our Veterans dealing with PTSD

Posted date:
Sunday, November 13, 2016
US Army Veteran Joshua Brandon

Permission To Start Dreaming Foundation friend and United States Army Veteran Joshua Brandon co-wrote a recent article featured on with nationally renowned medical researcher Dr. Frumkin regarding his personal experience with the healing power of being outdoors. They are currently working together researching the effects of nature as a medication for combat veteran mental health. 

Joshua:  I saved my life in the mountains. It wasn’t a deliberate act, like reaching for a life preserver or entering into rehab. It was an accidental, slow, stumbling success that brought me back from the brink, often despite my best efforts to sabotage it through hurting myself and those closest to me along the way. I spent three years in combat in Iraq. The kind of kill-or-be-killed, mangled-people combat that can wreck your mind. It did mine.

We are huge supporters of alternative therapies for the treatment of PTSD and we are grateful for the research that Joshua and Dr. Frumkin are doing! Read the rest of the inspiring article here